OLED Displays

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OLED displays emit light at each pixel without a backlight source (Learn How OLEDs Work). Thus, they are thinner and lightweight. Plus, they can display true blacks (when a pixel is off) make them have high contrast.

Meanwhile, OLEDs feature brighter, faster response times, wider viewing angles, and using lower power than LCDs. You can read our article to learn more about Advantages of OLED displays.

Go2Display offer various OLED types in sizes from 0.42 to 5.5 inches.

They include

Passiv- Matrix OLED (Monochrome)

  • Chareacter OLED in COG or COB
  • Graphic OLED in COG or COB

Active-Matrix OLED (full color)

  • AMOLED COB Modules.